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4STEPS Therapeutic Riding Program

Message from Executive Director Sandy Winter

from 2017 4STEPS Express Newsletter
Meeting Participants’ Needs with Inclusive Community Building Programs

4STEPS works every day to make the inclusion of individuals with disabilities a reality. Since our inception, we have made a real impact by ensuring that individuals in our community can experience all that we have to offer.

In my experience, one of the wonderful characteristics of equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) is that the focus always remains on the unique needs of each participant. Whether it’s an individual lesson or treatment plan or seeing a growing need in our community, the goal is to develop programming to meet those needs.

In 2016, 4STEPS developed 2 new programs supported by funds from our Community Foundation. Teaming for Success trains military veterans to work with at-risk youth. Cancer Kickers is an equine healing program for breast cancer survivors. Both programs enabled individuals to participate who otherwise would not experience the personal benefits of EAAT, programs which will be discussed further in this newsletter.

4STEPS’ HORSEPLAY Adaptive Summer Camp was further developed to go beyond addressing physical disabilities to meeting a participant’s cognitive, social and emotional needs. Combining the right natural environment (no bad sensory triggers), the right human environment (trust in community) including as many family members as possible, we cultivate a community that strengthens our mission to enhance an individual’s life and empower them through social interaction and functional communications. 

Whatever and whomever comes our way, we focus on the bond between horse and human and the healing that takes place. It is the horses’ spirit, their willingness to interact, to relate, and form deep attachments. It is a spirit that can heal broken bodies, calm disturbed minds and challenge participants to try their hardest. It is the magic beyond words that these horses perform every day with every child, adult, every soul with whom they come in contact.  


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