Riding Sessions

Learn to ride with us!!!

Riding Lessons/TR Sessions
We can work with just about any kind of rider! Sessions are one hour weekly. Riders will learn to groom, saddle and ride to their ability. Our sessions are focused on physical and emotional development as well as riding skills. Riders will perform activities during the session to utilize various muscle groups, stimulate learning, learn to ride and have FUN!

Safety is our number one priority, and our instructors are certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH). We provide helmets or adaptive equipment.
Call Sandy at (410) 835-8814 or email giddyup4steps@aol.com to schedule a session.

What can the rider expect?
The rider must wear long pants, usually jeans, and covered shoes. Boots are best, but athletic shoes are acceptable.

Is this program certified?
4STEPS is a Premier Accredited Center, certified by the Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH Intl.). For more information about PATH Intl., please go to their website, www.pathintl.org.

Grown Up Lessons

We learned many years ago that kids are not the only ones who can benefit from Therapeutic Riding. Many adults also have a deep love of horses, and a need for a fun, safe outdoor activity that also develops confidence and physical ability.
We happily offer lessons to Moms, Dads and any other grown up who wants to participate. Costs for grown up lessons are the same as any of our regular riding sessions.

What is a Typical Riding Session Like and how much does it cost?
Riders will usually begin by grooming and saddling their horses with instruction or assistance as they are able. Riders will then proceed to the arena and mount. They are instructed on how to ride their horse safely and under the supervision of an instructor.
Riders are taught riding skills depending on their ability. Our primary goal is a safe and happy riding lesson.

Therapeutic Riding Sessions are 6 weeks long with an extra week for makeups

What Type of Riding Do We Teach?
4STEPS teaches basic riding skills using a variety of horses and equipment. Our instructors come from varying backgrounds, and each has a lot to offer our riders. We have both English and western saddles, but teach basic Western Trail seat. Some riders have become advanced enough to help school our horses, ride recreational trails or become instructors. When riders become too advanced for our lesson program we will refer them to a competition barn with great pride!

Riders do not need to have a diagnosis in order to ride in our program. Therapeutic Riding can benefit just about anybody! We strive to provide services to as wide a range of clients as possible, however there are certain individuals for whom therapeutic riding may not be an appropriate activity. Please see the rider signup package below for a list of medical conditions for which a physician's consent is required prior to providing services. Contact Dana with any questions regarding suitability.

To Cancel a Riding Session
Please call (410) 835-8814or email giddyup4steps@aol.com. The staff and volunteers of 4STEPS greatly appreciate timely notice of cancellation.

Therapeutic Riding for

Children and Adults with Disabilities 
Working with horses is an excellent form of exercise therapy that is fun, safe, challenging and socially rewarding. The goals of therapeutic and recreational riding revolve around learning horsemanship, improving basic riding skills and many times learning a specific riding discipline such as trail riding, cowboy dressage, and drill team activities. In therapeutic riding, special attention is paid to facilitating improvements in muscle strength, coordination, balance, stamina, self confidence and social interaction. Lesson plans are tailored individually to address clients’ special needs. Our therapeutic riding instructors are specially trained and certified to instruct clients with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities as well as clients who are not disabled. Lessons are conducted in our covered riding arena, outdoor arena and on the trail and are conducted according to each rider’s interests, needs, abilities and rate of progress.

Equine Partnership Programs

Lessons are conducted for individuals, couples, families or groups. Goals are established by participants and provide the opportunity to improve communication skills, family reintegration, relationship building, coping skills, trauma resolution and other goals relating to healing, personal growth and development. Specially designed unmounted activities with horses precipitate experiential learning and self exploration. Participants absorb the peace and beauty of the farm and its natural Eastern Shore setting. Many individuals and groups bring brown bag lunches, and play corn hole or horseshoes while they’re here – others simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the peaceful forested setting.

HORSEPOWER  Veterans Programs
Our veterans programs are for post 9/11 veterans and active military especially those who have sustained PTS, physical injuries, or have experienced combat trauma during their time serving our country. Equine assisted activities can be an amazing tool for injured military, PTSD and disabilities which often restrict movements and interactions. From day one veterans are hands on with the horses beginning with groundwork and progressing to riding, as well as participating in other aspects of trail riding and packing.

4STEPS provides Veterans with their choice of the following opportunities:

  • Trail Riding
  • Horse Handling & Care
  • Natural Horsemanship & Join Up
  • Basic Riding Lessons for New Riders
  • Advanced Riding Lessons For Experienced Riders
  • Adaptive Riding for Physical Impairments
  • Volunteering with our Teaming for Success* program

Teaming for Success
The goal of Teaming for Success is to provide positive change for young people who struggle with the moderate to severe emotional and behavioral disturbances which can ultimately lead them into areas which threaten their future and development. Teaming up with mentors for this purpose is a win-win situation. At-risk children need positive role models in their life. Those who serve in the teaming for success program benefit as well in that this activity also provides a therapeutic environment for the mentor as well. Contact us to find out how you can become a mentor.

HORSEPLAY Adaptive Summer Camp
HORSEPLAY offers a safe and integrated horse experience for children with disabilities and their families. HORSEPLAY camp is 3 days long for 3 hours a day and varies in topic and focus. The immersion in nature with horses allows the family to be together in an extended tribe of other families and caregivers.

A regular day at HORSEPLAY camp is pretty variable and of course is tailored to the individual child and families. Each day HORSEPLAY camp begins with a low key horse activity, then break for other kinds of play, small animals, art, music, gardening, low challenge activities, and other fun, adaptive, and educational crafts and activities.  Expect to get wet on days when we can use the sprinkler to cool off!

At 4STEPS we provide a safe and supportive atmosphere while encouraging and fostering independence. Lessons take place in a covered arena and on our trails and are planned to be fun and interesting in a peaceful natural environment.

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